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Friday, 11 March 2011

'The Restart Effect'

When you get to your 1st year at varsity- no matter who you were in high school- you realize you’re in a whole other world. You can become anything you want to become. Your past, what you did, who you were, it falls away and by a series of incidents, a new man is forged! You’re going to be changing in some way or the other.

Through each phase of your life: high school, college, your 1st job – onto your second job… eventually settling down on your actual career, you’ll realize that you’re really just going through the ‘school of life’, graduating through each step along the way.

Its The Restart Effect,
Just when you got it nailed down, you gotta hit the restart button and conquer a different sphere of life, which has been primed by your previous experiences.

The lessons you learn in college (mostly out of the classroom) will carry you through the next few years of your life. People skills, conflict resolution, time management (fitting in that social life between exam papers), the confidence you attain… all coupled together, prepare you for the unknowing Goliath that you’re about to face – The WORKING WORLD!

So you graduate. You get a nice handshake from dad, a hug from mom & you’re on your way… You have dreams, aspirations, you’re filled with ambition.
You get out there and realize… you’re starting at the bottom all over again.
You enter your job space and you realize that you’re working with people that are smarter & more experienced than you. You may have an impressive qualification, but they know how to play the game, and they can play it well!

One thing that I’ve learned during my change of organizations is that, no matter who you were before, no matter what you’ve come through in your life and no matter who you are or what you’ve achieved… it all means nothing to them and you have to prove yourself all over again. You have to build yourself and your reputation, up… from scratch. You could have been an athlete of note, a social phenomenon or the brightest crayon from the class of ‘whenever’. It matters none.

When I look at some of the most successful adults I know, I realize that they aren’t all necessarily doing the same jobs that they studied for, or even started out doing in their 20’s. Seriously! Think about it!
So what ever it is you’re doing, even if you’re frustrated, realize that THINGS CHANGE and situations are temporary.

Remember that you’re getting awesome career experience so that one day you’ll be able to school the ‘new college graduate’ on how the real world works. Just like how I’m schooling you hahaha.
You learn how to deal with people that you don’t like. You realize that these people are just here for a moment and mean little in the bigger scheme of your life.

You will get judged as soon as you step through those doors. You will be put down and you will be tested. Colleagues will make generalizations about you and expect you to be what they conceive you to be. When you become bigger than that, when you rise above that and be who you are, they won’t like it initially. Men especially are threatened by the confidence of a man they don’t know.
Always remember to be who you are. Always remember what you’ve been through and the life that you’ve come through.

When things were going a south for me I got this little pearl of wisdom from my room mate Siyo, “When they’re hating then you know you’re doing well!”. He probably got it from some rapper. This boy is like a jukebox. The amount of songs that come out of his mouth in a day is astonishing. I need to phone his mother and ask her where the ‘stop’ button is.

Never let other people dictate who you are. If you do, that is a sure-fire way to kill every bit of confidence that you have. It will make you doubt who you are. It’s a harsh lesson that you will learn and grow from- and to never allow again

Throughout your 20’s its all about making mistakes, learning from them and figuring yourself out so you can set yourself up for an awesome future….

A real gentleman can say whatever he wants without making someone mad. A real gentleman is a cunning linguist- without the deception.


  1. Awesome words.....and oh so true! Wish I had read this b4 I started working! I admit I have officially been schooled!!!!! :)

  2. A cunning linguist is someone who tells you go to hell & you'll look foward to the trip. =D

    Well said, i can vouch for almost all of what you said. Laaities these days expect to be the boss on the first day. not the case. You earn it.
    the idea isnt to stop urself from falling, but how fast you bounce back up!!! Humility to accept that you still need to learn the game & confidence to hold to you morals makes a success!

    I think i told you this already:
    There are a million people who can do what you do, and about 2million who can do better.
    But it's up to you to prove that you work harder, learn faster & most importantly become invaluable as a person to your company!!!

    FYI- i may not be the successful 20 something year olds you reffered to, but i am in my field of choice since Std 7 =P

  3. Yeah Kit.. something all young professionals can relate to! Growing up never seems to end!

    Summed up well Thees.
    and by 'successful 20 something', i don't mean nice car, nice house etc... cos there's more to success than that.

  4. “When they’re hating then you know you’re doing well!”

    Rappers, the Bible.
    Didn't Joseph's brothers hate him when he had his dreams. And even more when he got the coat from the ballie... Haters been hating since them days. lol

    Quite excellent really. This was the reminder I needed. I'll show those madhirs. :D

  5. This is probably why most people get stuck in jobs they despise... they're afraid of having to restart and prove themself all over again.

    "No matter how great you become, there is always someone greater" and you get to meet such people every time you maake a change in your life... tis life :(

    Ps I love banksy

  6. yeah.. Iv'e changed my perspective so much since.. 1st year.. Im open to trying anything and everything. I learned that from the company i keep. Good men.
    About design, was that directed at Theesan or myself?