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Friday, 29 April 2011


Last week I came across someone’s bucket list which inspired me to create my own.
What is a bucket list? A list of goals, experiences you wish to have before you… kick the bucket.

After writing this list I realized how much there is still to achieve. I realized where I am now in life and started plotting my path to achieving everything on this list. Seems like a monumental task…
So how do you eat an elephant? … one bite at a time.

If you really think about it, how much do you achieve in a year? Days, become weeks, weeks become months and then it’s the start of a whole new year.  Our day-to-day activities blur into each other and time quickly passes us by.

This is more than just a to-do-list. Entries of a bucket list are anything and everything you ever wanted to do. It shouldn’t be limited by health, wealth or mental status =D

Of course, the list will change with time. What you may have wanted to do in your 20’s wont necessarily be what you want to do in your 50’s. In the same way, more things should be added as you move through life and experience more of it. I always wanted to be on K-tv Reggies rush. I doubt that’s gonna happen anymore haha.

Not everything on the list has to be superficial and self- centered.  Your bucket list should be unique to who you are. Mine includes minor acts of kindness and dreams of larger ones. I saw a bucket list on a blog which had “Go to heaven” on it. I’d like to see him achieve that while he’s alive. Clever.

Achieving things on your list will deepen your character as you experience new facets of life.
What have YOU always wanted to do?

NOTE: This is very much an incomplete list... there are still many additions to be made within the next few weeks. I have also purposefully left out majority of the travel destinations as those alone would compile a never ending list. They will however be added at a later time. 

Click the book for a full view!

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  1. I love how you did that book thing:). This has inspired me to do my own bucket list...tho i prob wont publish it on my blog