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Sunday, 12 June 2011

What women want... by Sanolia Naidoo

To say that this blog post is delayed, would be...well, probably the biggest understatement... but for good reason of course!

Let me introduce myself...
It would be easier to hide behind a pseudonym but I know you'll probably want to facebook the brilliance that I am :) haha.

My name is Sanolia Naidoo... and this here blog belongs to a gentleman who is one of my best friends. (I've put up with him for 6 years!).

Now that we're briefly acquainted I should put one little thing out there. I am a blogger, fashion designer and entrepreneur.
I have a fashion/lifestyle blog and I don't often get to rant! So I will be using my guest posts here as a platform to share my ideas about life, love and everything else from a ladies perspective. Sometimes you boys need the help!
(Please note that these are merely my opinions and any mentioned characters may or may not have reference/link to any person living… or dead). You can also visit my blog Cocktail by Sanolia
With that out of the way, let's get started....

When ‘The Gentleman’s Quarters’ asked me to write a guest post I really didn't realize how difficult this would be, I blog for a predominantly female audience and most of the readers of this blog are, hmmm, MALE. I wondered how they would feel if I started dishing out the things ladies complain about.
Like how we hate it when you poke us on Facebook and send us ridiculous inbox one liners. Who do you think you are!?

But after thinking it through I've decided to be completely honest here. The posts may be long but do yourself and current/ future girlfriend a favour and read it ...
Also, ditch reading the Cosmo (don't act like you haven't) and pay attention.
These are the dirty little secrets that girls don't share with you.

Welcome to my world…

So, it's Sunday, after some deliberation I thought I might share a little something about what women really want…

Get some tea. Get comfy…
...Lets begin shall we?

So as much as I may be 'single' at the moment, I've also been through relationships.
Like most girls my age I have loved, lost and been hurt.... So when I speak of my personal experiences, believe me when I say that I know what I'm talking about!

Contrary to belief, there are not only two types of guys anymore. There used to just be the “jerk /bad boy” and then the ‘old faithful nice guy’.
If only we could return to the days of such simplicity.
Let's name the different types (if you don't watch gossip girl,I suggest you google these characters quickly! You could learn a thing or two!).

So here we go....

*Nate- Ah Nate. Pretty. Almost edible (yeah I just said that), he's the guy every girl wants to have on her arm. But he's far from perfect. Shallow almost. Not the brightest crayon in the box, and very quick to move from one girl to another.

*Chuck- NOW. Chuck.Oh Chuck… Modern day bad guy. This is the guy we hate to love but we do. He treats girls badly. He gets his way. He leaves us-and we keep running back. He has the ability to turn the most powerful woman into a sobbing teenage girl.
We need to hate Chuck.

*Dan- The first word that comes to mind is loyal, faithful, a solid good guy but a bit of a pushover.
Although, he knows what he wants.
Girls don't realize it till they've been through the Nate's and Chuck's of this world… But, Dan is the one we really need!

As much as I made a reference to a tv series, I really wish guys would realize that they really aren't these characters. All they are in fact, is the above mentioned behavior types or character sets. Sorry boys!

Girls aren't perfect either. We are flawed in more ways than one. But when you make the choice to care for one of us, please do just that. Care. for.just.ONE AT A TIME.

We like to feel like we're important. We would like to make you feel important too.
How about giving us the chance? How about giving yourself the chance!

Nate, please. Shut up. Grow up. And develop a working brain!

Dan, please be brave enough to tell us how you feel. It's okay to make a move on the girl that you don't think you can get. Cos who knows...

And Chuck.... dear dear Chuck.
We may love you. But we won't always be waiting for you. Make up your mind because whilst you're out ‘playing’ bad boy, chasing what might be good for now....Dan is taking what could have been yours. We won't be there for you, forever.

Now, before you all start hating on me...There are definitely the female equivalents of the above mentioned males. Maybe girls that are even worse than guys.
But I'm here to enlighten you on how girls feel. So there you go...

In the end that's all we really want. A Man.
Time to grow up little boys.
(PS: We're not looking for a fairytale, let's just start with some respect)



  1. Ah, what a refreshing blog!:-D (jokes Duvane, yours are always an interesting). Thanks for the good read Sanolia:) you kept it simple and light-> easy for MALES to understand ;) lol.

  2. Cool poSt :) easy for males to understand - haha

  3. i thank you for your "Man approach",
    and i understand this is your opinion so i shall not encroach.

    I do however, have to pester,
    Because you did not mention another male- me! the Jester.

    Though you have mentioned all the diffrent kind,
    you did not truly mention the the ones girls keep in mind.

    I also must make mention,
    on the things that i know gets girls attention.

    It seems Popularity & status is a must,
    whether its just by good looks or a monitary trust.

    no matter how strong, weak, naughty or nice,
    I hate to say it, but most girls come with this price.

    Too bad if you dont have these traits,
    perhaps you may have better luck with online dates.

    Like you say, not all men are to blame,
    but how are we meant to succeed when you make us out to be the same.

    I apologize if i tramp a few toes,
    Its just a mild opinion from my own girl woes.

    I just have one request from GIRLS AND BOYS with any relationship plight,
    i urge you to look further than just looks at first sight.

    We need to understand that we are not perfect ouselves,
    and perhaps it is within us that the problem dwells.

    so look at urselves and not be fussy,
    or you may just join me @ online dating for free =D

  4. Haha nice. If you want your own blog post you just have to ask. But please don't make it rhyme, I hope that's not too big of a task =D

  5. Dans spineless... just saying.

    theesans comment is classic