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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Who is Sergio Ines?

The 'What My Boyfriend Wore' duo. (Picture courtesy of WMBW)

A man that has cost me exactly R5140 in the past few weeks. Luckily for him, turning me into a pauper is not his only job.
 Sergio Ines is also the face behind the fashion blog: what my boyfriend wore.
He may be the front of house Dapper Dan, but credit must be paid to his girlfriend Misha Coetzee who is the brainchild of the operation, also with her very own thriving blog doing the rounds.

With their humble Instagram beginnings moving into the tumblr sphere then into a full on Dapper Diary, they have become the go-to blog for the fashion conscious gentleman.
Sergio’s ability to put together contrasting patterns, outrageous colours and instantaneously pull it all together has caught the eye of the fashion fraternity. Having featured in the July issue of GQ he is in the running for The Style Blogger Start-Up. A worthy accolade for an intuitive dresser.

Picture courtesy of WMBW
Not only will he show you how to exquisitely craft each outfit, select the right compliment of colours, he’ll also tell you where to get each item. Keep an eye on his blog and in no time you’ll be totting up your favourite pieces with equal sway.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so I’ve voted for ‘What My Boyfriend Wore’ . If you like Sergio’s style, feel free to add your gentleman’s gesture to the vote page.

Duvane out.