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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Let the Good Times Roll...

In Retrospect…

We seldom look at how things have changed. We’re too busy with our conveniences to remember how hard things REALLY used to be. I mean, what would we do without cell phones! Like seriously. How is the human race still alive.
Anyway, every now and again, this conversation about the ‘good ol days’ pops up. It almost always starts of by someone making a ‘Super Mario Brothers’ reference!

Without further ado, here are some of things I experienced as a kid.

Carte Blanche signified the death of your very being because it meant  - school the next day.

I remember recording songs off the radio on cassettes. It was annoying cos you always had to time the recording between the dj’s voice!
We had no mp3 players with a million songs. We bought tapes. We couldn’t even select the tracks! Forward, stop, play… Forward, stop, play- Ahhh! There it is!

The only phone we had, the ENTIRE family shared.

Social networking was called PLAYING OUTSIDE.

Sometimes tv stations would show this picture when nothing was scheduled- T.V shows would only start in the afternoon.

Our T.V’s had no remote controls! You had to get up off your butt to adjust the volume and change the channel.

T.V shows were in Afrikaans and we had to tune our radios in to a specific frequency to get the program in English- Simulcast

When we went to the drive in we had to hang that speaker thing through the window to listen to the audio.

We never had internet! We photocopied black and white pictures for our projects, out of books that we got from an ACTUAL library.

You had a Tamagotchi didn’t you.

It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons.

Get Over Here!!!! Means something to you.

When you got an allowance of R2 on a Friday and you could buy chips from the tuck shop OR chips, sweets and something to drink from the lady outside school.

You always wanted to be on K-tv Reggies Rush… and you hated the kids on their for picking the dumbest toys.

Money issues were handled by whoever was banker in 'Monopoly.'

Being old referred to anyone over 20.

You ACTUALLY thought Brain would take over the world

We paid for every picture that we took on our cameras with film. Which we had to wait for days before seeing. Then separate them into the good pictures and the ones of peoples hands covering the lens. Everybody would hoard around the photos in suspense.
It's not quite as thrilling to look back and reminisce on an image that happened two seconds earlier.

Feel free to post your experiences of ‘growing up in the 90’s’ in the comment box below! Or message me on facebook and I’ll add it to the list!

Below are some pictures and videos of the past! Check them out and enjoy the good times!


  1. HAHAHA thanks for making me feel old! What about perfect strangers!

  2. BTW the worst was when you tried to tape a song from the radio and the cassette ended!

  3. haha!!!

    And everything we learnt was from the wrapping paper of chappies bubble gum?

    and shooters - cheese or chilli!

    and street fighter spammers in the game shop!

    and popeye; dracula; lucky charm shebert!

    and biker mice from mars or the teenage mutant ninja turtles didnt sound so far fetched... i mean, have you said those titles slowly out aloud and pondered the creative process of these people =D

    BTW: contra still kicks ass, and saving the princess is the sweetest deal any plumber could ask for! and on that note, im going to find my ol china game station & see if i still gots my mad Galaga skills!!! challenges accepted!

    and tharuna, Balki had nothing on Martin =D

  4. Snap. i mistakely deleted Perfect Strangers!

    Anyhow... Heres an addition from my mate who's now in Japan!
    "Great blog bud, I also sometimes think about the past and how we changed, these are a few things that i could think of...

    Do you remember those bunny t.v aerials, when we had to hop around the room and when a good clear picture was found, how we tried to keep it in that position ?

    When owning a beeper was the coolest thing ever.

    Oh! what about the Yoyo and the tricks we could do with them, Walk the dog, around the world.....

    I remember in school during lunch breaks how we used to have `TOP` competitions....

    Last, What ever happen to the milk trucks? and milkshake in glass bottles?

    Oh i miss the good old school days. "
    - Adheesh Munilal