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Thursday, 24 February 2011


The 1st post!

So this is my blog. Welcome. 
Why ‘The Gentleman’s Quarters’ you say? I believe we live in a new era of men where the old ways have been lost. Heres to reviving what your mother taught you… and a whole lot more. I don’t mean throwing your handkerchief over a puddle for a lady. Cos then you’ve just gone and ruined a good handkerchief.

Here’s too a little corner where a gentleman can voice his opinion about a life well lived... so far.

A glimpse into what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, what I’ve learned.

Here’s to young professionals. Who are getting around to their 1st jobs, 1st big paychecks, some nice disposable income. The life you longed for after college, after being a broke student (with few worries in the world).  
Personally, I know I couldn’t wait to start earning! Then I started earning… working… learning… now I look back and I APPRECIATE college days. Exams? Psh! That was pie compared to what you face in the real world. Mmmm… pie…

Here’s to the lifestyle of the independent 20-somethings. Outta college, out of our parents houses. Out to make money. Out to make something of yourselves.

Here's to enjoying some of my nuances. Some life changing experiences. Some interesting perspectives… in case you get tired of me (which you wont), I’ll be throwing you some articles by some awesome friends!
Which include an astute and highly respectable lady of the 21st century… and no, I don’t mean dressing Theesan up like a girl =D.
If you know me. You know Theesan. He’s one of the best mates! Loyal to the core. You will no doubt be hearing about him and from him.

With time I should be putting up some articles on fitness, achieving the body of your dreams as well as my own personal training blog, training program and progress… no pictures, you never know who’s watching!

You can lookout for some of my ramblings on dating, women and all their never ending issues. With sure backfire from that young lady I told you about… but more about that later.

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